Jay's Original Compositions

Disclaimers up the Ying-Yang:

These are not ready for "Prime Time" - not even close. I recorded all the parts and sometimes the syncronization wasn't the best, etc. I was waiting until I had a chance to redo them but my MS has ruined the dexterity in my right hand so I can no longer play keyboards. Therefore, I will probably never be able to redo them.

Then why even post them? Good question. Why, indeed?

I Can't Live Without Her   (1982, 4:03)

The Feeling of Love   (1990, 4:36)

If You're Ever Single Again   (1993, 3:59)

Kyrie   (1982, 2:23)

Contra Dances

Gypsy Ruth Lee             Download PDF   

Hope Springs Eternal    Download PDF